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The Layla Redd after-school specific

The Layla Redd after-school special

Meet Layla Redd, a former high-school assistant principal. Layla used to spend her days keeping high school kids in check, and now here she’s, taking off her sexy clothes for a men’s mag for the 1st time. “I always liked the idea of getting into porn, so when I lost my job, I decided why not?” Layla told. “I’m Fourty, so I decided to make a monumental change in my life. When I was younger, I wanted to do this, but I wasn’t brave enough to try it. U know, take the risk, and if anybody detected out, I could not go back to having some regular, boring nine-to-five job. This is much more fun.” The truth is that whilst Layla was trying to keep her students underneath control, this babe was trying, with out much success, to keep her wild side beneath control. Story of her life. “The 1st time I had sex was on a football field with the captain of the rival team,” she said. “I’m a swinger. I like having sex with other fellows and having my husband view. I dress conservatively ‘cuz I had to in my job, so lots of people would by no means guess at the real me. They’d at not time think I’d pose stripped and have sex on-camera.” Many people who know Layla might wonder whether her carpet matches her drapes, but until now, they couldn’t have known for sure. Many of them might have guessed that she has flawless B-cup juggs, perky and firm, and here’s the confirmation. “A lot of people I know would probably be shocked if they saw this,” Layla said. “A lot more would pretend they were shocked coz they already think this isn’t something I would not do. And some people would receive to be all morally indignant about it. That actually doesn’t matter to me. I’m having a great time. That’s all that counts.” Layla, who can be viewed getting her former-high-school-assistant-principal-pussy creampied at, enjoys rock climbing and watching football. She likes fellows who are bigger in size than her, and since that babe is 5’5″ and has a weight of only 118 pounds, that rules out just about nobody. This babe fantasizes about having a 3some with her spouse and a female her age and says that babe has sex “as often as possible. I like having cum on me. I would like to be the center of a circle jerk with dudes cumming all over me.” Sounds like Layla has detected her true calling.

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A Long Time Cumming

A Long time Cumming

A Ages Cumming

“My car broke down and I freaked out ‘cuz I didn’t know what to do. Luckily this cute ladies man showed up and called a tow lorry for me. They said it was going to take 3 hours to acquire there! That’s a ages to expect, but secretly, I was cheerful it was intend to take that long. ‘cuz that is just about how lengthy I wanted to ride this guy’s cock. When we got back to his place I did not waste any time getting in nature’s garb. I wanted him inside me and that is what I got. This stud was so large this chab filled me all the way up. I loved the sound of my large gazoo slapping against his testicles. This lad was valuable sufficient to help me out, so I was fine enough to acquire him off all over my little mangos.

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Fetish Titties

Fetish Milk cans

Fetish Funbags

Sometimes you acquire to spice things up a bit in the bedroom to keep the ladies glad. Sometimes they want you to romance ’em, sometimes they wish you to come over with fancy rub-down oils and play masseur, and sometimes they desire u to role play. We know, we know. All of those things seem tedious and do nothing for u. That’s why we are all for the proactive type of woman who loves to keep things new by dressing up for YOU. The sort of hottie who channels her internal freak and flaunts up dressed in an outfit made up entirely of leather thongs. A lady like Savannah Jane. This Big-Boob ball breaker comes to the party dressed up and ready to beat your meat…literally. Look at her play with clamps and suction cups on her breathtaking teats and then use her thongs on this knob, also. We suggest that if u don’t love to do any extra work in the bedroom, you discover yourself a fun-bagged freak adore Savannah. This babe will do all the work and you need to splatter her with all of the benefits of that subrigid work.

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Fit To Be Fucked

Fit To Be Fucked

Fit To Be Fucked

There acquire to be over a thousand work-out movie scenes on the market. Scores of hawt hotties of all long-time sweating, lifting, stretching, jumping and exotic dancing. And we commend them for their dedication to health and fitness. But special honors have to go to Sarah Sunshine for this particular fitness movie that babe did at the SCORE training room. This is the ramrod work-out and if you’ve viewed any of Sarah’s previous movies, you know how skilled this babe is in that department. This is how Miss Sunshine stays toned and tight. She doesn’t need machines, specific cables, treadmills or steppers. She doesn’t even need a leotard or skin taut trousers and a reservoir top. In fact, Sarah begins the work-out clothed in lounge wear and sipping a gulp which is smth her fitness coach is not used to. This chab has her change into taut wazoo shorts and a halter top and puts her through her paces but Sarah would much rather do smth else. Her spouse wishes her to work-out but she would rather suck on her trainer’s finger and unbending bone than do sit-ups and jumping jacks. The brunette hair southerner with the hot and smoky voice is one blazing hot and big breasted bitch! Her coach finds himself being put through the spin cycle one time Sarah focuses her professional mouth and tight wet crack on his screw muscle.

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Stormy Lynne likes to be watched…so view her!

Stormy Lynne loves to be look at her!

Stormy Lynne, a DD-cup divorcee with bigger than run of the mill milk sacks and strong pink flaps and a mouth that looks worthy when it is stuffed with shlong, makes her initial appearance. Stormy Lynne is 45 years old (born June 5, 1967), was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and now lives in Hollywood, California. She is 5’6″, 115 pounds and measures a spectacular 34DD-24-33. You are gonna adore this female.

“Everybody I know would be shocked to watch me here,” Stormy Lynne said. “I come from an highly conservative background.”

Stormy Lynne isn’t a nudist, but although she came from a conservative background, that babe has fulfilled majority of her carnal fantasies.

“Bondage with two chaps is the solely fantasy I haven’t fulfilled,” this babe told. “I once had sex on a Harley during a rally. Short shorts and boys do wonders, and being in a crowd of people is a rush! I like to be viewed when I’m having sex. It’s a rush knowing anybody receives off just by me being me in sofa.”

Stormy enjoys dirt biking, softball, hiking and climbing. She’s into “bad-boy bikers,” sunset bike rides and walking on the beach. She’s a Mommy and a grandmother. And she looks great with plenty of cum on her face. Check it out and you’ll see.

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Bush Baby with Anal Urges

Bush Baby with Anal Wishes

Bush Baby with Anal Urges

Lives: Epsom, UK; Occupation: Doctor’s receptionist; Age: 22; Born: March 7; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 127 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Lacy; Anal: Totally; BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: A scarcely any times a month.

“I like giving blow jobs and I always drink and lick the bloke’s willy clean afterward,” told Sofie. “After that, I await to have my love button licked till I’ve my 1st large O. Then I’m willing to fuck. I don’t have a favorite position, but if I’ve cum another time, I’ll probably receive us into doggie position and tell the bloke this chab can do my bum. Not all blokes wanna try it. I love anal, especially when the bloke discharges his stuff way up in me.”

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Overheating Hottie

Overheating Babe

Overheating Hottie

Annika doesn’t know everything about cars, so when hers breaks down, she’s nice-looking much drilled. A lad spots this damsel in distress and takes her back to his place so that man can look below Annika’s hood. What does that woman chaser identify? A smokin’ body that’s definitely overheating. That petticoat chaser cools down her sexy, little love melons and tight twat with his tongue. Now that she’s all lubed up, this babe is willing to take his penis. “This charmer fucked me so priceless that I absolutely forgot about my car. In fact, I was pleased that I broke down. If it meant having astonishing sex and cumming so wonderful, then it was worth it.”

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Can not shag the step-daughter? Then shag the step-mom!

Can't shag the step-daughter? Then copulate the step-mom!

Karen DeVille, a 52-year-old housewife from Delaware, leads Johnny into her living room. Karen is looking very hot in a tight, short skirt and a lace top.

“Is Annie plan to be here soon,” he asks Mrs. DeVille.

“Oh, no,” Karen says. “Annie’s not gonna be here for a little while, so maybe we can just hang out. How does that sound?”

That woman chaser says it sounds great, but then Karen takes the conversation in a direction Johnny at no time could have contemplated.

“Have u done it yet?” this babe asks.

“Done it?” that gent asks.

“With my step-daughter.”

“No,” Johnny says. “She’s very conservative.”

“But I am not,” Karen says. “I’m naughty. Have u fucked anybody maturer adore me? Perhaps in her 50’s?”

This chab hasn’t, but this guy is about to.

Warning to step-daughters: Beware of step-mothers adore Karen.

Warning to boyfriends of step-daughters with sexy mamas like Karen: No warning necessary. Just have at it!

So, Karen sucks his meat-thermometer, and then Johnny screws her bawdy cleft, and when he’s willing to unload, that stud blasts Karen’s face with cum. And does that babe feel guilty about what she just did with her step-daughter’s hubby? Not at any time. And does Johnny feel guilty? No fucking way!

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Alexa’s at your service…for anal!

Alexa's at your service...for anal!

Now this is our idea of a housekeeper! At first, Alexa Rae seems kind of modest. That babe is wearing a traditional, blue maid’s outfit that goes down under her knees. No thing racy about that. We can see a little bit of breast valley, but it’s not adore her mellons are in our face. There is actually no thing going on here that offers what’s about to happen. Alexa is doing her job. Dusting. Cleaning up around the abode. Tony, who hurt his knee, is lounging on the couch, trying to check out some TV.

“I know you are getting bored with the same old things,” Alexa says to Tony. “Anything u need done?”

That babe begins stroking his hair.

“I’m okay,” this chab says.

“I can of course help out with a hardly any other things,” Alexa says. “Maybe change your dressing. Maybe aid with a bath or everything love that.”

A baths?

Alexa begins unbuttoning her suit.

“You tell me what u need,” she says as this babe shimmies up to Tony. “You’re the injured one.”

She’s wearing a hawt purple undergarment and panties, stockings and a garter strap. Tony is going to feel a lot more worthy very soon.

Quick vitals on Alexa: Fourty eight years old. Married. Lives in Kentucky. Likes getting rogered in her a-hole. Is plan to acquire ass-fucked in this scene, her 1st clip at

Enjoy. Then maybe look into hiring a housekeeper.

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